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How to Select the Right TRENLIBOW Pneumatic Jack
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      When selecting the appropriate model pneumatic for your use, consider these suggestions: The most popular Model is the TR-3812. Its 3.94 inch collapsed height will fit under most cars and the 7.67 inch stroke will provide a 11.61 inch total lifting height that will lift most wheels off the ground. And you can select the jack pad to lift higher(+1.97 inch).The lifting power of TR-3812 and TR-1812 is two tons. And for all around shop use, the TR-3812 is more than adequate. However, if you are working on a lot of SUVs, the TR-3813 (also 2 ton) is probably more suitable. The advantage of the TR-3813 is the overall lifting height of 15.75 inches. The collapsed height of the TR-3813 is higher than the TR-3812 at 4.14 of an inch. Therefore, it may not be suitable for a shop that works primarily on small cars where the jack points are much lower. For very small cars and the automobile chassis is very lowest, you can select TR-3811. For higher load capacities, such as larger SUVs and light trucks, use the 3 ton TR-3822 or TR-3823. Choose the TRENLIBOW™ that fits your needs and enjoy years of trouble free use.
      If your work is always performed on the floor, then the TR-1811 or the TR-1812 or the TR-1813 is really more desirable. Both models offer wheels for transport, a handle much like a floor jack that will adjust in a variety of positions and a control valve at the end of the handle. Remember the TR-1811 and the TR-1812 and the TR-1813 have the same collapsed height and extended heights as the TR-3811 and the TR-3812 and the TR-3813.
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